30 May 2010

Life, I Welcome Thee Home

We went out to some old friend's place for the weekend. Every Memorial Day weekend a great old friend, Mike, would hold a barbecue and general debauchery. We've seen them once since the girls were born. We went back again today and, I have to say, I'm little bit tipsy right now.

We saw lots of old friends, some with kids of their own. The kids ran around the swimming pool, picked oranges and lemons and flowers, ate hot dogs and hamburgers and blue cheese and potato salad. We had a grand old time and life is slowly, ever so slowly, coming back again.

Also we learned that the girls really are pretty good girls. They shared their food with friends and generally had a great time. Little pushing or shoving occurred. For 1 year olds (soon to be 2), there isn't much more to ask of them.


Toast said...

oranges and lemons

Great album.

Eric Wilde said...

Yes, it is. I think I'll play it.