02 May 2010

Growing Up Fast


Three events today:

Leia used chopsticks effectively (though I can't say well) for the first time today. She was too eager to eat to actually be proud of herself.

I've been trying to get the girls to understand the idea of numbers. Its a difficult concept. Just yesterday Alisa would randomly say "two" or "three" when exposed to two or three items. Today she was correct most of the time. I'm still not sure if it was chance or if she's grasped the idea of numbers. She can count to eleven or twelve; but, I don't think she understands the idea that she is counting. Its more like a string of words.

I cooked fish (gindara), beef with mushrooms (nameko) and broccoli for dinner tonight. Usually the girls eat mostly rice and a little bit of fish. So four pieces of fish is enough for the whole family. Tonight, the girls ate two pieces of fish each. Hirono and I didn't get any. Afterwards the girls were still screaming for more fish. We had to just pour the sauce (oil, fish drippings, dark soy sauce, sake, sugar, mirin) over their rice so they could at least taste the fish. I'm pleased they like my cooking; but, I'd actually like to be able to eat my own dinner as well!

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Tracy said...

That's funny! It's awesome that they like good food.