24 December 2008

First Christmas

There was about 45 minutes overlapping of each girl being active and awake. We took the opportunity to open Christmas presents. Our family usually waits until the morning; but, we didn't want to miss the chance to open gifts at all.

Of course, the girls didn't grasp the idea of opening presents. But they sure did dig the gifts themselves. They got a box of blocks and a toy piano. Not surprisingly, Leia loved the toy piano and Alisa liked the box. The blocks simply served as chewy bits of plastic.

Alisa has been making nonsense baby noises for a few weeks now. Leia burst on the scene yesterday with four or five clearly enunciated (for a baby) syllables, strung together by the hundreds. This house is never quiet now.

Merry Christmas one and all. Peace.


Tracy said...

That sounds like a beautiful Xmas, Wilde. Merry to you all.

Eric Wilde said...

Thanks! The most beautiful part is Leia's first word: Dada. I don't think she knew what it meant but since it got a huge reaction out of me she kept saying it. :)