26 November 2008

Uncommonly Well Behaved

I was stunned by Leia today.

She's had a stuffy or runny nose now for almost two weeks. We have this suction device called a rubber syringe. Its used to suck the snot out of tiny noses. Both Leia and Alisa hate it. They wiggle and cry and toss their heads about whenever we try to use it - until yesterday. Alisa still hates it; but, Leia seems to have learned that she actually feels better after its done.

Tonight I was going to drain her sinuses out again with the syringe. She was really stuffy and crying. When she saw the syringe coming she calmed down and stopped moving. Her eyes followed the syringe until it entered her nose, at which point she seemed to concentrate on the ceiling. I made quick work of suctioning out both nostrils. It was so quick and easy now that she doesn't fight it. Immediately after the ordeal she was happy and laughing.

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konagod said...

A snot sucker? Now I've heard everything. There were many days when I was growing up when I wish for such a thing. Hell, I remember wanting to cut my entire face off to get all that snot out of my head when I was so congested I couldn't breathe.