12 November 2008

Some Understanding for Wingers

I've got a bit of understanding for Wingers now. In particular, the variety that is so against abortion of any kind that they'll kill others to stop an abortion. The mere thought of harm coming to one of the twins causes absolute revulsion in me. Its so incredibly powerful that I can transfer that kind of revulsion to other people's infants.


Toast said...

When I saw your post title, I thought you were going to express some sympathy for Wingers feeling marginalized after the election. I never imagined this is the direction you'd go.

No sympathy for anti-choice zealots. None. Fetuses aren't people, abortion isn't murder, and I'd happily beat within an inch of their life anyone who would use violence to steal away a woman's right to control their own body. No sympathy and no quarter for such vermin.

Eric Wilde said...

No sympathy. They maim or murder, they should pay the price. But I do understand the motivation better.