19 October 2007

Twins, here we come

Fantastic news today! We had another ultra sound and were able to see heartbeats for both embryos. We now have a 90%+ chance for each embryo to survive.

There’s still the worry of Down’s Syndrome, which is about 1/60 for each embryo. The test for Down’s Syndrome has a 1/300 chance for resulting in miscarriage, which is pretty scary. Living with two handicapped children the rest of our lives is out of the question, though. So we don’t have much of a choice.

Off to Michigan for the next few days to enjoy a bit of colorful foliage. Cheers!

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Toast said...

It's funny: When I saw this post I thought, "They're going to Minnesota? Wait, the Twins aren't even in the playoffs."

Congratulations, dude.