28 October 2007


Now for something fun. We're trying to come up with good names for the upcoming twins. We had previously picked out one girls name and one boys name; but, with twins it looks like we'll have to think a bit more about extra names for each gender. The names already settled upon are accessible for both English and Japanese speakers. Note: I now pronounce my last name "wild", like Oscar Wilde.

Lin Taro Wilde (male)
Leah Wilde (female, no middle name)

For the Japanese equivalent the family name would change to Hirono's family name, Mogi. Kana versions of the names would be:

mogi rintarou
mogi reia

Additional names are a bit hard. Got any fun names or names that would work in both Japanese and English. Names nobody in their right mind would be fun, too; such as "Saxon Wilde", the future hair metal guitarist.

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