13 November 2011

Home Again

I arrived back home yesterday. Jet lag is kicking my butt! After two weeks in Japan, two weeks in San Jose, two weeks in India, and now back in San Jose, my body can't tell if its day or night or inside out and upside down.

Tomorrow starts another early morning as I get up at 6:30 am and am off to the San Francisco to survey the damage of last week's layoff. At least I'll be home at a decent hour and can sleep on the train there and back.

Also, tomorrow starts the induction period for NHE yet again.


Tracy said...

You know, NHE is self-regulated, so you can start it whenever you want.

Why, yes, I am an enabler. Why do you ask? :O)

Eric Wilde said...

Yep. I've got no problem starting, or even staying with it. Its just that on business travel to India it really isn't possible to stay on NHE. There's nothing to eat but carbs there.