11 October 2011

15-Minute Encounter: Libations!

I set myself 15-minutes to do a quick encounter for any random occurrence during our next gaming night. Ever since the death of King Uther they've had a Fey or (un)Holy bent. Here's one for this coming Wednesday, if I can work it into the game session. Otherwise it goes on the shelf for later use.

Setting: Ghostly Roman celebrations at an abandoned shrine, alter, villa or settlement.

At nights, from the corners of your eyes and the edge of your hearing, the sound of joyous celebration can be heard coming from an elusive sacrificial offering. A goat is butchered, the blood collected in as many goblets as knights are present. Its clear the goblet on the table is for you and your companions.

Should you leave the ephemera alone you suffer nothing beyond the occasional weird glimpse.

If you taste the blood, any Faerie Longing passion you might possess immediately increases by one and you get a check in it. The ghostly vision becomes reality as your own body stands in a stupor. Gain an Indulgence check as well. This satisfies the Faerie Longing passion for the year.

If you consume the blood, revel in the libations of raw goat flesh, O, Incarnation of Pan! Gain a new Faerie Longing (3d6+2), or +1d6 to an existing passion. Ability to summon the craic once per year. The craic makes everything in the social setting (i.e. court) for one day kinda go your way. Its palpable even to those with whom you don't interact personally that day. +1d20  for any one courtly skill that day. Ad lib those critical successes! Each use: 1d6 (1-4) lose the craic.

If a holy character is present, play up on the association with the Holy Grail and how utterly disgusting and sinful all this pagan celebration appears. In addition to Indulgence, a holy character will get a Worldly check for sampling the libations. Fully quaffing the goblet yields in addition yields +1d6 Worldly and a Worldly check.

Updated: I just realized that the above meme probably came at me as a riff on what James Raggi posted here. - e

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