14 November 2010

Tea That Tastes Like Tea

One thing good about flying British Airways, their tea doesn't taste like coffee. The same is true with JAL. Most other carriers have horrible tea.

I'm in India again this week, jet lagged and dragging.

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L said...

Love British Airways, though now that I'm facing the last flights of my life, my love is tinged with nostalgia. We're supposed to go to India at the end of the month, if the TSA functionaries let us out of the country, that is, an iffy proposition these days. It's a place I've wanted to visit all my life, and I'm using BA miles to fly World Traveller Plus. Then I'm switching from a BA card to an Amtrak card, because I won't put up with being treated like a criminal anymore. Did you see what they did to Ambassador Meera Shankar?