12 September 2010

Most Rational Political Analysis of US 2010 Election Yet

Daily Kos isn't necessarily the most even tempered political blog. If you ignore the comments you'll more often than not get a pretty rational view of things. Here's a good excerpt from a post tonight by Chris Bowers.

If Democrats get booted in November, it will not be primarily because of poor tactical execution of their campaign messaging and resources. That is the Tactical Fallacy. Further, if Democrats get booted in November, it will not be primarily because people opposed the details of their public policy in the abstract, or that they were let down by not passing more. That is the Ubiquitous Political Junkie fallacy. Sure, tactics matter and appealing to activist wonks matter, but they are not usually the main cause of electoral victory or defeat. More often than not, if you lose, then you just didn’t enact public policy that helped enough people by the time of the election. This is especially the case in landslide election years, as 2010 shaping up to be.

This is pretty much spot on. Its actually the one saving grace of a democracy or republic. If the bums (Democrats) aren't doing a decent job, throw the bums out! Unfortunately, what it doesn't capture is the obscene fact of American politics that the bums currently out of power (Republicans) will do much worse if and when they get back into power.

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Tracy said...

People have such an incredibly short memory. Grrr.