22 January 2010


I've been heads-down at work lately. We're at the time in our product cycle where every minute counts. With 10-12 million dollars at stake per day, I'm literally running down the halls and working like mad.

The girls are doing well. I have a backlog of pictures to upload at Flickr. The big news is that they are both taking baths in the big tub with us and that they are consistently able to go to sleep together. These are both major wins with respect to ease of doing chores. We also regularly get bouts of 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day where the girls are occupying each other instead of us. Lastly, three nights in a row the girls have slept so soundly that I didn't wake up even for a few minutes -- heaven!


konagod said...

I've been wondering where you were. Even asked around over at the Shire and there were no Wilde sightings there either.

Figured you were roaming India or something!

Eric Wilde said...

Our "end-game" is about 6 months long. Considering we try to coordinate literally hundreds of engineers to a final shipping product, its madness for those 6 months. We're half-way through the end-game now and I'm losing my mind.

Chris said...

Hmm...the invest blog, eh? Time to take up some money. ;)

The girls will become even more independent; trust me. Our girls are fabulous at keeping each other occupied--when they aren't arguing anyway. :)