29 August 2008

My, how fast they grow.

The girls will be three months old next week. It is quite amazing how quickly they grow and mature.

Both girls sleep in bed with Hirono and me. This morning Alisa was sleeping on top of my chest. Leia was on the bed between Hirono and me. Leia was wide awake and looking around the room. Leia's eyes settled on Alisa's face. I noticed Alisa stirring and she cracked open one eye. Just then Leia got a big grin on her face as she saw her sister wake up.

It was quite an incredible experience. The girls are growing and becoming their own persons. They're even starting to interact with each other rather than just Mama and Daddy. There's still too many diapers...


fridge said...

Man, I don't envy you on the diaper front. My kids are a year and a half apart and we had about a year of double diapers. Yikes!

Luckily Emma picked up potty training relatively quickly and about a year ago, I retired the diaper bag for good. That was a very good day.

The twins sound so cute!

Eric Wilde said...

Oh, they are totally adorable. And they have me wrapped around their little fingers.

konagod said...

Hmmm. "Both girls."

That sounds like twins to me! Fun!

(Sorry I wasn't checking this blog out 3 months ago so I'm unawares.)

Eric Wilde said...

No problem. Thanks for dropping by.

It is tons of fun, too.