11 April 2008

Stess 2 Me 0

As much as I hate baseball, the analogy fits. I’ve got two strikes batting against stress at work. First there was the thrown back last month. Then last night I feinted twice at dinner. An ambulance ride to the hospital and a night in the emergency room has me a bit shaken up right now. My heart is strong, my blood pressure back to normal (it was low) and a couple of hours sleep has me feeling much better. The lightheadedness is gone and I’ve had a couple of meals without feinting.

Weird shit. Very scary.

Time to take a break from work. Today and Monday are forced vacations by my doctor. I think maybe I’ll have to do something more drastic and cut out either my night time or morning time meetings. Cut back in general at work. This sucks because I love my job. Crap.

Well, now is as good a time as any to cut back at work. I’ve got the girls to take care of soon.

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Michael L. Gooch said...

Didn't your boss ever tell you that stress can be fun! Haven't you heard corporations talk about "good" stress. This is all bull butter. Work stress takes a much larger toll on our health than we care to admit. In my book, Wingtips with Spurs, I devote an entire section to the effects of stress on our mental and physical health. Not from a medical point of view but rather from the view of a human resources professional of 30 years. Stress kills and will keep killing as long as we refuse to learn the coping tools. Stress is fun? Time to look for a better boss.