11 March 2008

This F-ing Sucks

So I finally return home from business travel after two weeks of missing my family in a really big way. Next morning, being jetlagged and all, I wake up at 3am. With nothing better to do and being caught up on my email, I decide to eat breakfast and go to the gym. So I'm getting ready to go and start putting on my socks. Then - pow!

My lower spine feels like its bent at a ninety degree angle at one vertebrae. I fall to the ground in excruciating pain with my head spinning. After a few moments to recover, I realize my legs won't work and I'm in deep dodo. So I crawl upstairs with my arms and call out for Hirono to wake up and help me. By this time my legs now function a bit; but, there is no way I can move them without making the horrible pain in my back even worse.

Turns out I tore a ligament along my spine. After 24 hours of immobility I can now roll over and even prop myself up with my upper body. So I'm bed ridden for a couple of days and in too much pain to do anything mentally challenging.

This sucks. And I'm totally bored.

My biggest fear is that I won't heal quickly enough to hold the girls when they're born.

--e (not stoned; but, a little weirded-out on pain and vicodin.)

(Update: edited for grammatical errors.)


Toast said...

OW! Ow ow ow OWWWW!

Dude, that fucking blows. My sincerest condolences.

Tracy said...

What is the due date, BTW?

I hope you're feeling much, much better. Back pain is so debilitating.

VMH said...

That was painful to read, Ouch! Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.