23 February 2008

Good Morning

Its been a productive day. 8:30am. I've finished packing everything except the toothbrush. We walked 4 miles to the gym and back. Had a good workout, Hirono stretched a lot. Back home and ready to go to Inida this morning. I leave in an hour.

Of course, this was all done quite stoned. So I hope I didn't forget anything.

This feels like the last time I'll get high for a while. My card has expired. My stash has run out. I have one last cookie and I'll be whisked off to New Dehli. So many emotions.

This is also my last business trip for a while. Things are changing so dramatically at work. My job is now all about helping other managers do their jobs. Totally different than managing a team yourself. So much more emotional, so many emotions.

The babies have grown so much. Ali-chan is very physical. She's always active and punching or kicking. Lei-chan is active too; but, not as violently active. Lei-chan has long legs and her mouth is constantly moving like she's talking. I have a feeling she's just like her father - an O'C. So many emotions.

My 40th birthday is this coming Tuesday. Arthritis in my hands is constantly with me. I get tired more easily. But I still am very strictly following NHE and when I travel I keep exercising at the gym. 40 is getting pretty old. How can I contribute to the society these girls must live with? So many emotions.

Have a great weekend all.



Toast said...

I see you're feeling very emotional. ;-)

Have a great trip.

When the hell are you going to get back East for a visit?

Eric Wilde said...

No idea when I'll get back to the East Coast. With the babies coming there won't be much time for family travel. We don't have any offices over there, so its hard to get there for business.